R. I. P. U. S. A.

R.I.P. U.S.A.

Some sixty years ago my grand father fought in the pacific during world war two. Not long afterwards, he was sent to Germany where he participated in the Berlin airlift and met my grandmother.
Some forty years ago my dad was sent to Vietnam where he did his best as a combat engineer to help a free people stay that way.
Some thirty years ago I spent four years of my life shadowing Russian submarines across the Pacific Ocean. Launching an attack would have been the last action of any sub we were following.
My grandfathers’ generation was able to overcome adversities we today simply cannot imagine. The great depression, an apparently invincible German/Japanese military machine and a Roosevelt administration riddled with Russian agents.
My dad came home to a country that treated him as little more than a mass murder and was hell bent on drugging up and dropping out. That didn’t stop him from continuing to serve his country until the day he died.
I came home to a level of indifference and ignorance of America, her history and ideals that shocked me. Those conditions reached their natural fruition tonight with the re-election of little Barry. It was a blinding confirmation that the America my grandfather fought for, my father fought for and I served for, had died quietly in her sleep.
The liberal democrats and ideologues will be insufferable in their gloating. And perhaps they should be. One of the main tactics of the left has always been to make the truth relative. The truth has never been more relative than it is today. I suspect it will not be long before little Barry appoints a “Truth Czar.” I also suspect that not long after that I will be in deep trouble for “lying” about a great number of things which despite being demonstrably true, will be called lies by those offended by the truth.
Now unrestrained by anything little Barry can proceed full steam ahead with his radical agenda to “fundamentally transform” America.
Hard working, independent, self-sufficient Americans will continue to be penalized for having the audacity to make more money than their neighbors. For the “crime of being rich” they will pay more in taxes. They will be labeled corrupt, mean spirited and evil.
These Americans will be demonized for teaching their children actual American history rather than the touchy-feely, politically correct drivel that now passes for education these days. Any parent who dares to point out that the liberal icon Chairman Mao was not an agrarian reformer but a mass murdering butcher who had people executed simply because they wore glasses (a sign of western contamination) will be labeled a racist.
These Americans, who see the hand of God in all of nature’s beauty or in the smile of an infant will be labeled mentally ill simply for believing in a Supreme Being.
None of these things would make any sense to my grandfather. I suspect my dad would not understand much better. That is because for the most part they were not political creatures. They spent their lives working to improve their lives, not waiting for a hand out or an Obama phone.
Sadly, I understand all to well what has been transpiring over the last thirty years. You see, when the liberals realized they could no longer win in the arena of ideas they realized their only hope was to change the jury. To do so they went into the universities and have been working their way down the educational system until today, in places like New York, it is acceptable to indoctrinate kindergartners about the homosexual lifestyle.
There is little difference between your average liberal democrat or liberal democrat supporter and the stereotypical spoiled rich kid. They suffer from the same mindset and worldview. Sadly, they are now firmly in control of a once great nation. I am glad neither my grandfather nor dad lived long enough to endure the tragedies that little Barry and his followers are about to unleash on this country.

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