Breaking the Law Again

Breaking the Law…Again

Recently the media reported on the ease with which foreign contributors could make contributions to little Barrys re-election campaign. Those same reports showed how the Romney campaign had instituted safeguards to prevent the Romney campaign from accepting foreign money.
The New York Post for example, reported on British citizen Chris Walkers two successful donations to little Barrys campaign. Mr. Walkers attempts to donate to Romney were rejected by the Romney campaign.
For the record, it is a violation of federal law to accept foreign campaign contributions.
Even so nearly seventy percent of the traffic to comes from foreign users. All of these foreign users are redirected to fundraising websites operated by little Barrys re-election campaign. Not only is his campaign accepting illegal money, they are actively soliciting it.
It is now clear that in a desperate attempt to retain ‘his’ presidency little Barry and his re-election campaign are repeating their 2008 pattern. That is, collecting substantial amounts money through illegal contributions from foreign sources.
Not surprisingly, little Barrys Justice department remains, as it did in 2008, on the sidelines. Eric “See no evil, hear no evil” Holder refuses to hold his boss accountable. Apparently gun running isn’t the only criminal enterprise Mr. Holder cannot find an interest in prosecuting.
To prove that the Obama campaign continues collecting illegal contributions the news web site World Net Daily ran an experiment. Keep in mind this experiment was run weeks after the initial media reports about accepting illegal money.
Using an openly identified Pakistani server WND was able to make a $15 contribution to The “donation” was identified as coming from Osama Bin Laden, 911 Jihad Way, Abbottabad, Ca 91101. Mr. Bin Laden listed his occupation as “deceased terror chief.”
Not only was the donation accepted but since making the donation, the Bin Laden email address has received nine fundraising emails. Including one from Michelle Obama who called Bin Laden “one of the campaigns most committed supporters.” I realize it was a robo email but I can’t help but wonder just how much unintended truth there was in the statement.
To test whether the initial donation might have simply “slipped through the cracks” a second donation was made the following day. It too was quickly accepted.
Little Barrys campaign could quickly and easily correct their continued violation of federal election law. There are simple steps they could take to screen donations that require no human intervention at all. All the other candidates campaigns did so. As of today, little Barrys campaign has still refused to do so.
It is interesting that little Barrys campaign refuses to release the identification of donors who give less than $200. I suspect that is because they know that many, if not most of those donors, are non-citizens. That would explain why not only is there no effort being made on the part of little Barrys campaign to screen out foreign donations but that no effort will be made.
The willingness to ignore federal law by little Barry and his campaign handlers speaks volumes to any willing to simply observe the truth. It is proof positive of one of his core beliefs, that being, he is so special the law doesn’t apply to him.

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