Let No Tragedy Go To Waste

Let No Tragedy Go To Waste


Let me begin by saying that my heart and prayers go out to all those in Aurora Colorado affected by the horror they experienced because of the behavior of a clearly deranged individual. Given that there is likely no rational explanation for what happened, I pray that the Good Lord will ease their pain and suffering in ways that only he can.

Given the depth of this tragedy it is doubly sad to see how quickly politics was interjected.

There is a firmly established principle in liberal democratic politics, that is, never let a tragedy go to waste. Literally within hours of the tragedy in Aurora, liberals, led by the idiot Mayor Bloomberg, began calling for increased gun control. He didn’t even have the decency to wait for the dead to be taken from the scene. This is a perfect illustration of another liberal tenet. Everything is a political event.

Other liberals who are not quite as tone deaf as the idiot Bloomberg will shortly be following suit. We will doubtlessly be treated to weeks of breathless coverage about the glorious salvation offered by the “sensible” gun control measures that they will almost certainly be offering up.

The liberals and their media stenographers will tell us in a hundred different ways just how much safer we will be when honest, law abiding citizens are no longer allowed to own or carry guns. As Colonel Potter used to say, “Horsefeathers!”

I read only recently how a 71 year old concealed weapons permit holder foiled a robbery attempt. Two thugs barged into the internet café where he and around a dozen people were using the computers. When one of the punks began brandishing a handgun grandpa went into action. He shot one of the would be robbers and chased the other one from the property.

I know these two situations are not the same and I can already hear all the arguments I am going to get. These two morons didn’t have body armor, assault weapons or tear gas etc. True, true and true. I can’t help but wonder though what a couple of .40 or .45 rounds to the chest, even with his body armor, of this deranged gunman would have accomplished.

I have read accounts of police officers taking rounds to their body armor. They tell nearly identical stories. According to them it is like being hit in the chest with a baseball bat. Often it knocks the wind from them, sometimes even fracturing ribs. Perhaps, if this loser had been forced to focus his attention on breathing, more people could have gotten out safely. Better yet, what if someone had gotten lucky and put a round in an unprotected place?

But, but, I can hear you saying, what if our hero accidentally shoots the wrong person? To which I respond, it can happen I don’t dispute that.

I, on the other hand, would much rather take my chances with a trained concealed carry holder returning fire than turning my back to a shooter and hoping for the best. Look, I understand there are no guarantees that anything would have changed had someone been able to put a few rounds into his body armor. Sadly though, we know exactly what happened when no one could.


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