No Work Required


    Obama to the Supreme Court: Don’t you dare overturn a law passed by the duly elected representatives of the people. Yesterday Obama did exactly that.
     In a stunning move that you will never hear about because the media will refuse to tell you, the Obama administration has decided to remove the so called work requirement from the welfare reform act of 1996. This was done yesterday through the issuance by the administration of an executive order. This move effectively guts a program that has reduced the number of its recipients by fifty percent over the last four years.
    The section of the law that the administration claims gives it the ability to grant this “waiver” is actually limited to those items in that specific section. The work requirement is not listed in this section. Therefore their argument collapses under its own weight. This is nothing more than deceit by Obama on a grand scale.
    It is blindingly clear why this move was made. It is nothing more than an attempt to create a wider and broader dependency class in the hopes that these folks, now entirely dependent on the government for everything, will continue to vote for the people who “provide” for them.
    Hypocrisy, without a doubt. Hubris on the part of Obama, of course. However,
one of the real tragedies of all this is that many of the “beneficiaries” of this action will never understand that they were driven into welfare by this administrations economic policies.
    Keeping you poor and ignorant is the hope and change Obama was promising in 2008 and is hell bent on delivering. Sadly Obama seems to be succeeding all to well.


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